SBS-PRO 1.75 750 gr


Bed Temperature90-110°С

Active Cooling Fan0-80%

Nozzle Temperature240-260°С

Print SpeedUp To 200 Mm/S


Diameter Up To 0.25 Mm (Min)

Min. Layer Height0.1 Mm

Temperature resistance (Min / Max)-75°С / +85°С

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SBS-PRO is SBS-based plastic (styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer) differs from conventional SBS plastic in its increased stiffness, improved interlayer adhesion and abrasion resistance, which makes it an excellent alternative for ABS.

SBS, for all its advantages, does not cover the entire range of needs of 3D printers, we worked on creating new material. Numerous experiments on the creation of composites based on this polymer yielded results, and a new material for 3D printing, called SBS-PRO, was born. As the name implies, this material is primarily aimed at 3D printing professionals and is initially positioned by us not as a decorative material, but as a structural one. Having retained all the advantages of the PROTOTYPER SOFT series, such as the absence of smell when printing, non-hygroscopicity and suitability for contact with food, SBS-PRO has acquired several more properties that allow it to be positioned as a full-fledged replacement for ABS, and even surpassing it in many respects.

The main differences between the material and SBS:

increased tensile strength
increased adhesion between printed layers (layer solderability)
increased hardness
high abrasion resistance
higher heat resistance
Advantages of SBS-PRO over ABS:

lack of hygroscopicity (eliminates the need for special storage of the material and drying it before printing, gives confidence in the stability of printing under any storage conditions of the bar)
no chemical smell when printing
suitable for contact with food

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1 gram, 750 grams