Prototyper T Soft (Transparent)


Bed Temperature70-90°С

Active Cooling Fan0-80%

Nozzle Temperature220-240°C ( Recommended 230-240°С)

Print SpeedUp To 200 Mm/S


Nozzle Diameter Up To 0.25 Mm (Min)

Min. Layer Height0.1 Mm

Temperature resistance (Min / Max)-75°С / +76°С

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Prototyper T Soft transparent series stands out as flexible and odorless filament.

Low shrinkage rate and consistent diameter provide quality print and don’t require individual printing setup.

The filament doesn’t need to be stored in silicagel filled packages to make it easier to use.

Wide color variety and high quality can please even the most demanding customer.

We can print your 3D model with Prototyper T Soft

Additional information

Weight 0,7 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 7 cm

Green, Red, White


1 gram, 750 grams