Bed Temperature 60-100°

Density1.45 G/Cm3

Active Cooling FanIf Necessary 20-60%

Nozzle Temperature 230-250°С

Print Speed Up 60 Mm/S

Flow 95-100%

Nozzle Diameter Up To 0.4 Mm(Min)

Min. Layer Height 0.15 Mm

Thermal stability (Min / Max)  -50   +130°С Max.

Roundness Deviation0.03 Mm

Net Weight On Reel 250 M

Shore Hardness D73

Elongation At Break 25%

The Modulus Of Elasticity In Tension 3000 MPa

Force At Break 90 MPa

Shrinkage In The Manufacture Of Products 0.2-0.8%

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1.75 PRO TOTAL GF-30 750 gr

TOTAL PRO GF-30 is impact-resistant glass-filled (30%) composite based on TPU with heat resistance up to 130°C or printing large gears, strong bodies, mechanically loaded parts, aerodynamic body kits for cars.

It has high chemical resistance to acid and alkali solutions, fats, oils, xylene, diesel fuel. Limited to gasoline, kerosene, acetone, dichloromethane.

DUE to low shrinkage (up to 0.8%), good interlayer adhesion and high abrasive resistance, TOTAL PRO GF-30 plastic will be an excellent alternative to composites based on polyamides. Perfectly amenable to drilling, threading.

For best results, it is recommended to dry for 2-3 hours before printing at a temperature of 60-70°C.

ATTENTION! Plastic is abrasive, it is recommended to print using a steel nozzle. 

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1 gram, 750 grams