Bed Temperature90-110°С

Active Cooling Fan0-20%

Nozzle Temperature230-260°С

Print Speed uP 100 Mm/S


Nozzle Diameter Up To 0.25 Mm (Min)

Min. Layer Height0.15 Mm

Thermostability Up To +102°СMax.

Roundness Deviation0.03 Mm

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The CERAMO-TEX series plastic seems to be exceptional in its properties and has no analogues on the market! The surface of the print from this polymer has a homogeneous stable natural texture that hides printing inaccuracies. CERAMO-TEX printouts in most cases can skip processing.

Does not absorb moisture during storage. Excellent adhesion between print layers and minimal shrinkage. Easy to grind. Suitable for printing end products that do not require post-processing, including large ones.

When printing at high temperatures (240-250 °C), with a reduced plastic feed, you can get products much lighter than water (up to 0.55 g/cm³), even at 100% filling.

Heat resistance of CERAMO-TEX plastic products is up to 102 °С

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 7 cm

1 gram, 750 grams